6 Innercraft Video Workshops By Tina Now Published

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6 Innercraft Video Workshops By Tina Now Published


Tina has now published 6 video workshops on the Innercraft Platform, which have been received with glowing reviews. People are finding the quality very high, and the content phenomenal. As of June 2023, the workshops she has developed that are now on the Innercraft site include:

  • What is Awakening?–Parts 1 and 2
  • The Heart Practices:  Bodhicitta and the Bramaviharas
  • Focused Attention: Samatha Practice
  • Open Monitoriing:  Vipassana Practice
  • Self-Transcending:   Dzogchen Practice

These workshops provide instruction, overviews, and guided meditations for all of Tina’s latest teaching. The “What is Awakening?” Workshop gives an overview of how awakening is seen and understood in different traditions, as well as a short overview of the 4 categories of practice in the subsequent Workshops. The Workshop on the 4 categories of practice include a complete set of teaching for the categories discovered in neuroscience that each have different effects on the brain. When combined, the 3 foundational categories of Heart Practices, Focused Attention, and Open Monitoring provide the basis for the Self-Transcending practice of Dzogchen. The Dzogchen teachings are very hard to find, so this is a precious resource.

Tina’s next workshop, out in late 2023/early 2024, will be on Embodiment and Off-the-Cushion practice. Rarely are these topics taught, and Tina has been exploring and working with them for over 20 years now, and will share how to use them in adding the 15 hours a day off-the cushion to our 30-60 minutes a day on the cushion, greatly accelerating one’s unfoldment and integration.

To learn more about what Innercraft click the link below. Access to the platform is free for the first 2 weeks, and then on a minimal monthly membership. Luminous Mind Sangha makes very little money from the Innercraft platform, but wanted to offer this as a high-quality and accessible way to understand her teachings.

To learn more click here