New Innercraft Platform Invites Tina to be a Founding Teacher

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New Innercraft Platform Invites Tina to be a Founding Teacher


In 2021, Tina was invited to be one of five founding teachers to a new, online platform designed for intermediate to advanced spiritual practitioners. She felt honored to be their first teacher signed to this new platform. The past six months have been filled with preparation for the platform’s launch. Tina has met the other two current founding teachers (one from the Zen tradition and one from the Sufi tradition), and has great respect for their offerings. She also thinks highly of the two founders of the platform, who created Innercraft as a new innovation that they saw fills an unaddressed need in the world of spiritual practice. Here’s the announcement:

What is Innercraft?
Innercraft is a platform for in-depth meditation and inner exploration teachings. By in-depth, we mean teachings and practices aimed to help you uncover profound insights about the nature of your consciousness, as opposed to basic mindfulness meditation, which is popular in the West as a method for stress reduction, anxiety relief, and better sleep among others.

As of April 1, Innercraft has officially now launched, and is available here. You can subscribe for 2-week free trial access to experience the platform. As a Member, you will have access to meditation and inner exploration teachings that represent different traditions and methods so that you can experiment and dive deep into the ones that resonate with you the most. You will get access to materials from each teacher, including:

  • Video Courses: Access unlimited video courses based on systematic, structured, and comprehensive teachings
  • Live Training: Join free monthly workshops and Q&A sessions hosted by each teacher
  • One on One Training: Get personalized guidance from the teacher and the method of your choice
  • Online Retreats: Advance your practice through Online Retreats hosted by each teacher

To learn more about what Innercraft is and how we are different from other platforms click here

Where should I start?
We understand that it might be overwhelming to navigate many resources available at Innercraft during your first two weeks on the platform. To help you get the most rewarding experience out of it, we have created recommendations to get you started based on other practitioners’ feedback and teacher suggestions. Find out the most rewarding way to experience Innercraft during your first two weeks here.

Tina has free materials that can be accessed on-demand, as well as online live events twice a month, that you can register for at no cost during your free trial. Enjoy your free 2-week trial, and join many other practitioners who are already benefiting from this exciting new platform!

To learn more click here