Individual Mentoring Program–Year-Long

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Individual Mentoring Program–Year-Long

This year-long mentoring program includes all of the multi-media materials you need for the program (audios and videos), plus one-on-one mentoring sessions with Tina.

The Individual Mentoring Program is for people who have a deep interest and commitment to their own unfoldment as they experience it in their worldly lives. It is a version of the year-long Group Mentoring Program, which Tina offered three times previously (along with former teaching partner Stephen Snyder), and is now customized for interested practitioners to complete on a 1:1 basis. It is helpful for people who are sincerely interested in the deeper questions of life in engaging “the mystery” as householders.

The Mentoring Program has an emphasis on the broader Buddhist / spiritual path including a full spectrum of spiritual practices, modern personality work, and integration and embodiment of awakening in our worldly life as we live it. Engaging in mentoring for a full year provides an understanding and experience of practices that are important to consider for a well-rounded spiritual unfoldment of one’s deepest nature. Monthly topics/practices include:

  • Month 1–General Program Overview
  • Month 2–The Enneagram, and Personality:  Working with Ourselves Skillfully
  • Month 3–Inquiry (Curious Presence in Daily Life): and the Inner Critic
  • Month 4–Sila and Wholesome Living
  • Month 5–Samatha:  Concentration and Serenity
  • Month 6–Purification of Mind
  • Month 7–Vipassana:  Insight
  • Month 8–Dzogchen and the Non-dual Traditions
  • Month 9–The BramaViharas:  Purification of the Heart; and Bodhicitta
  • Month 10:  Body-based Practices
  • Month 11:  Integration, Worldly Practice, and Socially Engaged Buddhism
  • Month 12:  Your Vision, Intention, and Flame for Awakening

The program includes twelve 55-minute 1:1 mentoring sessions with Tina Rasmussen, audio recordings of teaching on each monthly practice, a reading list for each month,  PDF reading downloads and hotlinks, and homework/reflection questions. In cases where more than one person is doing the program at a time, and individuals want contact with other like-minded people, access to “dharma buddies” from around the world may also be available. Or, you could choose to do the program with a friend that you already know, and do the program together. The cost for this is only the cost of the sessions, which is $2095 for twelve 55-minute sessions. You can start any time, with the program lasting a year. Please email us first, using the Contact Us page, to see when there is an opening in the program, as there is often a wait list. You can also email using the Contact Us page if you have any questions you’d like to ask about the program.

Taught by: Tina Rasmussen, 12 monthly 1:1 Skype/Zoom/phone mentoring sessions
Multi-media Materials: 12 monthly reading lists and homework assignments; 24 PDF downloads; 12 monthly dharma talks; 20+ readings hotlinks
Prices:  Materials plus 12 mentoring sessions with Tina Rasmussen, 55-minutes in length $2095

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