Dimensions of Non-Duality

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Dimensions of Non-Duality

In this 41-minute talk, Tina shares her experience and understanding of the “Dimensions of Non-duality” as found in the “Immaterial Realms” of Buddhism as compared with the “Boundless Dimensions” of the Diamond Approach. This talk was given to a group of spiritual teachers from all traditions. Tina’s unique background, that includes deep spiritual practice and experiences in several traditions, gives her a very rare perspective on how one can understand the different “flavors” of non-duality. These distinct ways of experiencing non-duality also account for the very different (yet similar) accounts of non-duality and awakening, from the perspectives of diverse traditions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others.

This is a great introductory offering, allowing you to experience a shorter “Retreat-in-a-Box” as well as Tina’s teaching.

Taught by: Tina Rasmussen
Virtual Retreat Materials:
  • Dimensions of Non-Duality Audio Dharma Talk
  • Dimensions of Non-Duality Chart
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