What is Awakening?

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What is Awakening?

This “Retreat in a Box” includes everything you need for your own retreat, or to listen to for educational purposes, and is available in three different packages.

In this 10-part program, Tina explores with us the question: “What is awakening?” Awakening is the inspiration for many on the spiritual journey, but we may be unclear about what it is, how it happens, and what we can commonly encounter. An overview of how awakening is understood across wisdom traditions is provided, misconceptions are clarified (as well as why scandals happen), and we learn more about how to integrate spiritual experience into everyday life. Participants are also guided in tuning in to their own “flame for awakening.”

You will also learn the 4 meditation practices rooted in tradition and confirmed by neuroscience. One session is spent on each practice. This allows you to experience the meditation’s purpose, what it does to your consciousness, and how it supports awakening in unique and important ways. This helps you to make wise use of precious time spent in daily practice and retreat, and to better understand  the overall trajectory of your spiritual unfoldment.  This program is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators. For a free 7-minute video of Tina describing the program, click here.


Taught by: Tina Rasmussen
Virtual Retreat Materials: What is Awakening Retreat Schedule, Sample Retreat Schedule, Photo, 12 Audio Talks (roughly 10 hours of talks)
Prices:  Basic Package $45 (media only), 30-minute Bookends Package $185 (media, plus two 30-minute sessions to discuss your practice, or at the beginning and end of your home retreat), 55-minute Bookends Package $295 (media, plus two 55-minute sessions to discuss your practice, or at the beginning and end of your retreat)

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