Luminous Mind–Dzogchen and Samatha 2-week Retreat-in-a-Box Now Available

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Luminous Mind–Dzogchen and Samatha 2-week Retreat-in-a-Box Now Available

This “Retreat in a Box” includes everything you need for your own retreat and is available in four different packages.

The Luminous Mind retreat is set in the larger context of awakening. The first few days include the overall “view” of enlightenment, and the basis of Bodhicitta (a wish for awakening for oneself and all beings) in the heart for a full practice and larger intention for practice. The next several days of the retreat focus on the Samatha practice, developing laser-like awareness that has the potential to lead to the meditative absorptions known as jhanas. For the last several days of the retreat, participants will have the option to continue to deepen on the Samatha track, or move to the Dzogchen track. (Talks for both tracks are included.) The Dzogchen track provides the possibility of non-dual awareness without the level of concentration required for jhana. In the Dzogchen track, we build upon the foundation of Samatha with its powerful and stabilizing concentration, to include the open awareness of Vipassana, and then explore the non-dual practice of Rigpa, which enables the possibility for one to be present with a deeper reality with eyes open, awake to the world. Participants have the option to either go deeper with the Samatha practice, or to branch into the Tibetan Dzogchen practice and the possibility of realizing Rigpa. Both paths provide the possibility of cutting through conventional reality to realize the deeper truth of non-duality. For a 9-minute video describing the retreat, please click here. Click here to watch a 9-minute video of Tina providing an overview of the Luminous Mind retreat. This retreat can be done as a retreat of between 5-14 days in length (or even longer.)

Taught by: Tina Rasmussen
Virtual Retreat Materials: Retreat Schedule, Photos, 17 Audio Talks, 4 Video Talks, Chant Sheet, Posture & Meditation Instructions, 4 Practice Charts
Price:  from $165 to $515 — 4 different packages available: Basic Package (materials only), Bookends Package (with two 30-minute sessions), Intermediate Package (with two 55-minute sessions ), Deluxe Package (with four sessions)

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