Samatha Meditation — Purification of Mind Retreat

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Samatha Meditation — Purification of Mind Retreat

This “Retreat in a Box” includes everything you need for your own retreat and is available in four different packages.

In Samatha (concentration and serenity) meditation, we return our awareness to one object of meditation to the exclusion of everything else, thereby collecting and unifying the mind stream.

Samatha practice is often referred to as “purification of mind” and it does that in two ways. First, the practice reveals with heightened clarity our habitual patterns that cause us to suffer both on and off the cushion. Second, as we build the capacity to turn away from these patterns, a laser-like awareness can develop that can lead to profound stillness and joy, as well as the possibility of the arising of deep meditative absorptions known as the jhanas. This purification of mind “burns up”—our habitual personality patterns, giving us more freedom in life, and counteracting today’s over-stimulated society that can erode our ability to concentrate and be present. Cultivating deep concentration is also a support for other meditation practices.

This Retreat-in-a-Box can be done as a retreat of between 5-14 days in length (or even longer.) Click here for a free 4-minute video of Tina talking about the four benefits of the Samatha practice.

Taught by: Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder
Virtual Retreat Materials: Retreat Schedule, Photos, 12 Audio Talks, 4 Video Talks, Chant Sheet, Posture & Meditation Instructions, Practice Charts
Price:  from $145 to $495 — 4 different packages available: Basic Package (materials only), Bookends Package (with two 30-minute sessions), Intermediate Package (with two 55-minute sessions ), Deluxe Package (with four sessions)

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